Fashion Forward – New York Fashion Week

As designers, we find inspiration in many forms; traveling, visiting museums, walking down the street, and of course the fashion runways.  Everything in design seems to trickle down from latest collections of some of the most renowned fashion houses and ends up in accessories, fabrics on your chairs to silhouettes on a custom designed sofa.Alana and Rachel had the opportunity to check out the latest designs in person and were graced by invitation to the Jason Wu collection for New York Fashion Week  by BRIZO in February, which meant, it was COLD!  Like Polar Vortex frigid kind of cold!  So all of those cute outfits we packed, were covered in layer upon layer of scarves, wraps and parkas. We did however, manage to bring back some ideas that will be translated into interiors coming to a home near you.




Jason Wu’s design philosophy is very much in line with ours at AVID Associates – clean lines mixed with luxurious details and materials, with a touch of drama. Here are some inspiration images of interiors that are equally gorgeous and portray Wu’s Zen-like approach with the ability to transport oneself.


While Alana’s birthday fell on Friday the 13th,  it was actually quite the birthday experience to rub elbows with the likes of Sofia Coppola and Karlie Kloss at the fashion show. Also, the girls checked out Buddakan – which is a visual delight for the senses, not only is the food amazing, but the interiors are dramatic, a fusion of French avant-garde with Asian and chinoiserie influences.  Some pics below…





bearable Wearables :
With it being 2015 and all, any of us who grew up watching The Jetson’s on Saturday morning surely thought we would be flying around in cars by now.  I guess we will have to settle for Google Glass and the Apple Watch for now.  But our thought on all of this “wearable technology” was that we would start looking like clones.  We have scoped out some of the latest and greatest (and some, not yet released) pieces to add to your wardrobe that will add a little personality.
from DEPARTURES magazine 


A coming collaboration between Intel and Opening Ceremony, this bracelet is clearly fashion—materials include snakeskin, lapis and pearl—but Intel remains tight-lipped about the full technical functionalities, only saying it delivers text messages and alerts to the wrist.

Rebecca Minkoff


Cell phone battery drainage continues to plague many. This studded leather bracelet is actually a lightning cable charger when unclasped. As bracelets go, it may be unremarkable, but it’s much more attractive than clunky two-pronged wall chargers.



An elegant solution to the faux pas of constantly checking one’s phone, Ringly vibrates to notify one of those messages, calls and alerts deemed most important. Available in semiprecious stones like emerald and pink sapphire, it looks unassuming beside a Bulgari bangle.


Wearable Experiments
The Navigate Jacket takes the efficiency of Google Maps to a new level, using built-in GPS to tap out directions through vibrations alerting the wearer when and where to turn. The nondescript jacket allows one to explore new locales without being hunched over a map or a phone.

WithingsThe traditionally styled Activité, with its classic round face and leather strap, is a welcome alternative to the Apple Watch. In addition to tracking activity, calories burned and sleep patterns with corresponding apps, the watch automatically adjusts when traveling across time zones.


2015 ASID Design Ovation Awards 





















A May 7th was the annual American Society of Interior Designers Design Ovation Awards. Here is a listing of awards that AVID Associates took home that night…we are also proud to announce that a Dallas Star player has purchased the spec/model home we designed for a Park Cities builder that we won 1st place for!

> 1st Place

RESIDENTIAL: Master Bedroom – Contemporary
> 1st Place

RESIDENTIAL: One Unique Space
> 1st Place

RESIDENTIAL: Kitchen Traditional
> 1st Place

RESIDENTIAL: Model/Show House
> 1st Place

RESIDENTIAL: Master Bathroom
> 1st Plac

RESIDENTIAL: Kitchen Contemporary
> 2nd Place

> Hon. Mention

RESIDENTIAL: Fixture Design
> 2nd Place

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