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November 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of the death of former President John F. Kennedy Jr. As Dallasites, this incident hits a little close to home. With our city leading the way, metropolitan areas across the U.S. will be holding memorial services in honor of this pivotal event in American history. But instead of focusing on the passing of someone so intrinsic to the core of American high society, dallasDECORUM is taking a closer look at the life of JFK and the glamour of the era in which America’s “Royal” family reigned supreme. The Kennedy family came onto the scene in the 1960s, but had been involved in politics many years prior to JFK’s election.

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A wealthy family from Massachusetts with good looks and an enviable lifestyle, it wasn’t long before the Kennedy’s started making waves in more than the political arena. Trendsetting Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis took the fashion world by storm with her sunglasses, suits and style. Her pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat will be forever engrained in American history as we remember iconic imagery from the assassination of her husband. Jackie O. gained respect not only for her love of fashion but also of the arts. She was renowned for contributions to the preservation of historical architecture and artwork as well as for her personal attributes of poise and elegance.

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Not one to be overshadowed, JFK encompassed a category of style all his own. His east coast nautical threads combined with his casual and charismatic demeanor made it easy for America to fall in love with this younger, fashionable leader. For more formal events, Kennedy did not steer far from his east coast roots and gravitated towards navy and white for many of his public appearances. From his sunglasses, to his cars, to his homes, Kennedy created an image that some would say has become the “classic” American style.

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In remembering these times past, we recognize how events in society stick with us sometimes without our knowledge. Altogether the Kennedys were and are one of America’s most legendary and notable families. It is because of the mark that John F. Kennedy Jr. left on so much of our history that we pay homage to his life and style.

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