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Winter Bulletin 2015


Before delving into our winter style guide, we would like to share with you the plight of Kelly Maynard, whom some of you might have seen highlighted in the Dallas news recently.  Ms. Maynard was diagnosed with stage 4 neoroblastoma, a cancer that attacks mostly children, in April 2015, at the age of 11.  Kelly was brought to our attention by our very own Kathleen Hargrove, Accounting Manager at AVID.  Kathleen happens to be friends of the Maynard family and while she has her own 4 children to rear after and works a full time schedule, she has been contributing all of her free time to the construction and renovation efforts of the Maynard home over the last few months as it was very important that Kelly be in the most sanitized space as possible, which meant allot of soft and porous surfaces had to be replaced.
Various sanitation treatments have been done to the home, and Kelly returned home last week, just in time for the holidays!

If you still haven't decided on where to put your holiday giving budget this season, please check out
Kelly's GO Fund Me page here.


While the focal point of any kitchen is the cook and family it holds, the interiors are a close second and can take your holiday from ho-hum to hooray! This time of year is filled with lots of cooking and prepping for get together with loved ones, which means a lot of time spent sauteening and seering by the stove. So while things are heating up and the nose is tantalized by delicious aromas, why not give the eye something to enjoy, too? Why not spruce up the vent hood? This often mundane appliance can be a statement piece that anchors the design of any kitchen. We have rounded up some of the best examples that showcase how this appliance can make any meal prep a time to entertain the eye, and impress the family, too. Enjoy!


The clean, transitional look of this vent hood ties in seamlessly with the cabinetry.
 -AVID Associates-

The unique use of copper on this vent hood is a striking juxtaposition to the rest of the space.
-AVID Associates-

The traditional design of this vent hood is set apart by the use of niches, decorative plates, and moldings that crown the piece.
-AVID Associates-

Cast stone is a handsome application for a vent hood that gives it both grandeur and structure.
-AVID Associates-

The ornate use of molding for this vent hood gives it a heavy traditional look that is sure to stun family and friends.
-AVID Associates-

The use of cast stone and wood integrate this vent hood from the granite counter to the wood beamed ceiling in a harmonious fashion.
-AVID Associates-

This statement hood crowns this rich interior with simple yet bold lines.
-AVID Associates-

The simple, clean structure of this vent hood ties in perfectly with the economic design of this kitchen.
-AVID Associates-

Aldridge Vent View

Rich tones of stained maple accented by exotic quartz stone and copper accents & travertine hood showcase the chef's range 
-AVID Associates-

E A T + D R I N K // be merry 

While the eye is entertained by exquisite design and the nose is tantalized by the aromas of cooking, give the taste buds something they can enjoy. A bottle of wine goes well with or without food, but must always be enjoyed with company. And with loved ones nearby, why not keep everything on the table close to home and serve local wine at your table? We've found some of the best local red wines courtesy of Texas Monthly. Click on the name of each bottle to see just what makes these wines so desirable. Or, to see more of this year's top wines, click on Texas Monthly.

2013 4.0 Cellars Mourned

From Texas Monthly: Produced by up-and-coming winemaker, Todd Webster, of Brennan Vineyards, for 4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg, this beautiful red was a unanimous favorite from the entire tasting. A blend of 78 percent Mourned and 22 percent Ruby Cabernet, this wine is a perfect match for braised short ribs or roasted prime rib. Alluring notes of sarsaparilla, smoked meats, and rich, raspberries and blackberries dance like dervishes in the glass revealing a deeply structured wine with ripe fruit and a kiss of earthiness.

Reserve Empanelled  

From Texas Monthly: Ripe red cherries and notes of smoked Charcuterie meats dominate aromas framed by vanilla and pipe tobacco, making this a beautifully structured wine with rustic tannins that soften into a long finish. This Empanelled could easily be a classic Rojas Reserve.


From Texas Monthly: A more medium-to-fuller-bodied wine, Dutchman's single vineyard Montpelier showcases Reilly's abilities to coax out the subtleties of this Italian varietal. Baked cherries and candied blackberries take center stage with basil and tobacco playing supporting roles. Tannins are woody, but not overbearing, and the finish is balanced with a touch of baking spice at the end.

Claros 2013

From Texas Monthly: This small winery near Spicewood is run by Angela Moensch, an Australian native who sources many of the winery's grapes from her home in the Barossa Valley, and her husband Howard. A departure from many Texas wines, this opulent red is made from estate-grown Norton grapes, an American varietal grown largely in Missouri and Virginia. With deep hues of purple, this wine is almost black in color with notes of Christmas spices and dried figs. Big and opulent, the fruit binds together beautifully with well integrated tannins into a wine that is both balanced and intriguing. A perfect wine for holiday pairing.

G E T  P A C K I N G 

But before family and friends can enjoy a beautifully designed home and sample decadent wines, everyone must travel! While the journey is not as important as the destination when it comes to the holidays, it can be made just a little more enjoyable with new luggage.

i n n o v a t i v e 

First we travel to Rimowa, a luggage company that specializes in innovation. Founded in 1898, they became the leading company of luggage innovation in 1920. They are the creators of the original aluminum luggage with grooves and have continued to create new lines of luggage with everything from waterproof designs to security systems. 

Topas Sheeth Multiwheel

Here we highlight the Topas Stealth Collection which features a silent and smooth-rolling wheel system, state of the art sleek black material, and a TSA lock that is recognized world wide and can be opened without damage during security checks.

Leather Passport Cover

With your luggage up to par, continue the sleek look with a passport cover that will both protect your passport and add a bit of class to this otherwise mundane piece that is essential to your travels.

B E S P O K E  + L U X U R Y  F I N I S H E S 

For those who prefer a supple leather liner to a sleek aluminum one, the collections from Globe-Trotter Luxury Luggage are sure to appease all passengers. Just like an interior that is bespoke to each individual, these classy carry-ons can be an expression of your personality on the go!  

Handcrafted since 1897 in England

For her, we love the luxe cream and sable leather of the Safari Collection and have selected a few pieces that exude luxury and individuality. Select the name below each item to see more information on these exquisite pieces.

Ivory Trolley Case

This darling trolley case is sure to please any woman and will be a wonderful addition to her arsenal of luggage.

Ivory Vanity Case

This hand-finished vanity case is a quaint companion to the trolley. Equipped with a jewelry tray and mirror, this piece will be the perfect companion for any woman.

C L A S S I C   A C C O U R T E M E N T 

For him, we've chosen a few masculine, timeless pieces that will make any excursion more enjoyable.

Moneypenney Navy iPad Air Sleeve

This iPad sleeve is a handsome way to give a modern piece an old world look while also protecting the gadget.
James Bond approved 

Spectre Navy Passport Cover

This passport cover goes nicely with the iPad sleeve and will give a normally dull, yet essential, part of traveling a tailored look.

E X C E P T I O N A L L Y    E X O T I C 

Next we're traveling to the world of Ghurka, a collection of elegantly rugged leather pieces with a blueprint for originality. Their assortment of iconic designs and new classics are individually numbered and registered, making each Ghurka bag unique. Perhaps what best defines a Ghurka bag is its ability to operate in all worlds equally and admirably: From East to West, from city to country. A Ghurka bag is as international as it is American, as cosmopolitan as it is local, as rooted in history as it is constantly changing. Every new scratch is indicative of a past adventure and anticipates the next journey.

Leather Beauty Case

For the adventurous woman, this leather beauty case has an off-beat stripe and splash of color.
This piece would be hard to lose in luggage claim!


This vintage dossier has a warm, well-traveled charm that is becoming in the hand of any traveler.


This stately piece is perfect for the swift traveler. With special compartments to keep everything in place and a smart combination of fabric and leather, this piece is a harmonious combination of practicality and style.

So as loved ones are welcomed in carrying exquisite new luggage, be sure to enjoy meals paired with decadent wines all while surrounded by beautiful design. And most importantly have a very Happy Holiday!


Anticipating a busy year ahead, AVID was hard at work on strategizing, scheduling and planning 2016 at our annual AVID Retreat this past week. A couple shots of us soaking it all in with business power house Kathy Mast.  


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